“Talent is not universal but it is widely spread.
Give enough people the capacity to create,
and inevitably gems will emerge.”

Chris Anderson,
Author of “Makers - The New Industrial Revolution

We strongly believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation. We all have skills, experiences, contacts, tools and more to be of value to projects, both big and small.

Every project needs resources - from a tiny DIY project to a multinational research project, no matter if it's for personal, commercial or academic purposes - and these resources are often closer than you might think.

makerSQR matches resources with those that need them for projects in a new way and allows you to track and share project progress from anywhere.

Instead of buying expensive equipment, or searching across multiple platforms for space, tools, and expertise, makerSQR provides one simple interface for everything and uses matching algorithms to connect users with others that are offering the resources they need.

By bringing together teams of passionate, curious, like-minded people and enabling crowd-sourcing of under-utilized resources, we aim to create new paths towards innovation, discovery, and entrepreneurship.

Join us on our endeavour
to bolster collaborative innovation
and grow the sharing economy!

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Our team of makers

Josef Schodl CEO
David Krmpotic Matching Magician
Ilie Ghiciuc CTO
Christian H. Leeb CVO
Denise Roznovsky Community manager
Ioana Zamfir Dev project manager
Iulia Puscaru UI & graphic designer
Ionut Ailincai iOS dev
Lucian Vasiliu Web dev
Bogdan Ursache Web dev
Bogdan Dumitriu Web dev
Jordan Plews BizDev & Science
Stefan Fazekas Enterprise BizDev
Mario Herger Gamification Expert
Oliver Simko Gamification Expert

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