We are thrilled to announce that helloSQR, the Intelligent Networking App, has been launched last month at the Launch Festival in San Francisco. After a lot of brainstorming, prototyping, designing and finally developing the App, we have released helloSQR for both Android and iOS in the United States, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. More countries will be following soon!


The helloSQR team @ the LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco (from left to right: Josef Schodl: Founder & CEO, Denise Roznovsky: Design & Marketing, Hannes Schmied: Front End Developer)


The main idea behind helloSQR is to help you network with the right people who are currently in your vicinity in real-time. How does that work? We have developed a matching algorithm, which collects your social media information, such as hobbies and your work history, so we can match you with those who have the same interests and similar work-experiences as you do. It’s actually pretty simple: The App makes finding like-minded people way easier and only shows you people who are relevant to you and your business. The App isn’t just really simple to use, it also helps you to save much of your precious time!


„The first networking App that can be perfectly used at events! From a typical event I’m heading home with 20 or more business cards. But the very next day I’m always putting away most of them, because the conversations were interesting, but not relevant for my current issues. I believe helloSQR can definitely help me reduce the number of cards to put away.“


After a successful launch at the Launch Festival in San Francisco and a lot of great feedback, we have acknowledged your wishes and concerns and have now released a new, modified version of helloSQR, which includes an awesome new feature, that many of you have requested. We have now built in an „Offers/Needs“ field, which you can fill out when downloading the App or in the Settings screen. You can decide what you have to offer for other people’s businesses and, in return, also let them know what you need. We now not only match you with like-minded people, but also with those having skills you are looking for.

Who knows? Maybe your next team-member, co-founder, business partner or leisure activities buddy is right behind you, but you just don’t know it yet! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the neighborhood, attending an event, traveling or just hanging out at a cafe, don’t miss saying „hello“ to the right people anymore!

Download the App now to check it out and start networking! :-)








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On Monday Ahmed Mohamed, a 14 year old high school boy was led out from his school in Texas by the police in handcuffs because he tinkered an alleged bomb that was actually a really awesome clock. Shortly after that, a storm of outrage broke out in the social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Many people raised their voice on racism and terror paranoia in the United States and soon after that the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed was trending on the Internet.

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Pretty much every parent knows how time-consuming it is to clean up after their children’s toys. How many hours (or even days?) did you spend in total for example arranging and sorting the different colored legos into different boxes?  It’s one thing to just shove everything into a box for you to pick up where you left off but when you’re looking for specific pieces, having to dig through tons of Lego parts that you don’t need is time consuming and troublesome. But these times are finally over and your prayers have been heard.

Yes, there is an automated lego sorter! The Maker, Richard Chow, built this 5-food by 10-foot machine, which runs the lego bricks down a conveyer belt, deferring them into containers based on their size and shape. 

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Why makerSQR inspired me to become a maker
by Denise Roznovsky

Thanks to MakerSQR and Josef Schodl, I am now fully aware of what the Maker Movement truly is about. What being a Maker is all about. I have to admit: before meeting up with Josef about three month ago, I never actually thought about really creating something by myself. If it wasn’t in a store or online, I never thought about making the item I was looking for all on my own. Not because I thought it might be too much hard work. I just really never actually thought about being a „maker.“ I’m not the „hands on DIY-girl“, I told myself.

But how should I have known, if I had never really tried it out? That was my mistake.

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This year’s World Maker Faire in New York was larger than ever. More and more makers, companies and well-known brands like Disney, Intel, LG, Toyota, Local Motors and Mozilla presented their own exhibits to about 85.000 faire attendees. Interesting thing here is that meanwhile Maker Faires not only attract tech companies but also brands that have no obvious special business related to DIY or remix culture.
Conclusion 1: The maker movement has reached a point where big brands want to show presence and be part of maker events. The all-inclusive and opensource approach of the maker community welcoming newcomers thus seems to go beyond what could be expected.

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In 1974 the artist and designer Enzo Mari published Autoprogettazione. The book offers nineteen designs using readymade cuts of timber to build tables, chairs, bookshelves and beds.

The following statement accompanied his instructions: „Anyone apart from factories and traders can use the designs to make them by themselves.“ Mari created this project because he thought if people were encouraged to build a table with their own hands they would be able to understand the thinking behind it. And if they understand the thinking behind it, just imagine what they could do.

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At makerSQR we are constantly scanning the market to identify innovative players in our co-creation space. Today we are happy to announce a new partnership with evolaris.

Based in Austria, Graz evolaris is specialised on the conception and development of web and mobile applications. To integrate both users and experts of products and services into the development process, the open innovation platform evolaris Mobile Living Lab was initiated:

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